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The Creative
Solution for Creators.

Mentoring is built to help you re-structure the backend of your business, gain more clarity with pricing, presenting solutions to clients and give you the right steps to turn your overwhelming processes into a streamline action plan with systems that work.

Stop undervaluing your skills and expertise!

Discover the secrets to unlocking a steady stream of high-paying clients who value your unique talent and are willing to invest in your creative business.

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Matthew Chung,
Digital Creator

"Rob helped me re-structure my offers and gain more clarity when it comes to pricing and presenting my solutions to clients. As someone who is constantly overthinking and trying to make things perfect, Rob's knowledge made things super simple and streamlined. I am so much more confident with my offers, systems and pricing. Can't recommend investing in Rob's mentoring services enough!"

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Megan Penfold,
Branding Photography

"This mentoring changed every aspect of how I run my photography business and how I value myself as a photographer. I came into this lacking confidence and feeling like I was too much of an armature, to having the confidence to know Im worth it. Im proud of myself for doing the personal work to recognize that.""

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Daiton Vike,

"Landed my first $5000 brand deal in the first week of mentoring, learned how to pitch more efficiently, gained confidence to reach-out consistently and put myself out there to get the clients I want! I really feel like the door is wide open to see myself as a brand photographer moving forward! I'm excited to start getting my main clients from this industry. It's so exciting to see what I can offer and how I can really help these companies."

Does this sound like you right now? 

  • "I feel frustrated trying to do everything in my business."

  • "I struggle with setting appropriate prices for my services and I undervalue my work out of fear of losing potential clients."

  • I have so many things on the go that I just can't focus on growing my business. 

  • "I feel like I'm constantly hustling for gigs and never quite making enough to support the things I want in life." 

  • "I feel exhausted, uninspired, and completely burnt out from overthinking the backend of my business."

  • "I fail to have a work life balance."

You're in the right place!

Mentoring will be life-changing for your career. Everything on this site will guide you to help you streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and give you financial sustainability. Learn how to work smarter, not harder, and explore new avenues for growth and success!


Check-in Session

(Follow Up Calls)


  • 2 hours of Mentoring 

  • 24/7 Chat Support

  • Downloadable Video or Voice Recording from our calls

  • Deep dive into your biggest roadblocks and create an Action Plan (Action Plan Valued at $399)


Expert Guidance


  • 4 hours of Mentoring (Used within 30 days)

  • Downloadable Video or Voice Recording from our calls

  • 24/7 Chat Support

  • 2 Business Resources (Email Templates, Pitch Templates, Pricing Templates)


Business Growth


  • 6 hours of Mentoring (Used within 30 days)

  • Downloadable Video or Voice Recording from our calls

  • 24/7 Chat Support

  • 3 Business Resources (Email Templates, Pitch Templates, Pricing Templates)

  • Bonus: Website or Social Audit

Step 1:
Setup Your Call

After you fill out the intake form, you will receive a calendar link to schedule your first 15 minute discovery call. 

Step 2: 
Build Your Business Plan

During our 15 minute discovery call we will create a game plan from your business needs and a structure that best suits your goals.

Step 3:
xecuting Strategy on Calls

Each call will have a business topic, brainstorming session, and together we will turn your ideas into a strategy with clear steps to execute.

Step 4:
Grow Your Business

We make sure your steps are accomplished each session and adjust your wins to move you forward in the right direction.

Let's do this!

It's time to grow your creative business!

Where are you currenly at in your busness?
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What topics do you need more clarity on? (You can pick more than one)
What package are you looking to invest in?

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