Jessica Paula


Quite honestly I think this guy's 5th limb is a camera, because the man is so naturally talented at photography there's simply no other explanation. My husband and I are so grateful to have had Rob capture the special moments of our wedding day that now will live on forever in his photos. He completely personalized his shots to our taste: romantic, mysterious, abstract, deep, haunting, as well as light, loving and candid. And we giggled with him the whole way through! Sincerely can call this man my friend now. Rob was genuinely excited to be involved in our wedding from the engagement shoot, through to the wedding and the editing stages... you would think it was HIS wedding, that's how enthusiastic he was! A tribute to what a positive soul he is both on and off the clock. Thank you Rob for pouring your time, blood, sweat and giggles into capturing the most perfect day!